Here’s a list of my publications. You could also check out my Google Scholar site.


  • Model Adequacy and Microevolutionary Explanations for Stasis in the Fossil Record. Voje, Starrfelt & Liow in American Naturalist. We tried to make tests on whether or not a model of stasis that fit fossil time series better than models of directional change or random walks actually measure up to fit the data adequately. By only working on the time series that can be assumed to actually fit the stasis model in relative and absolute degrees of fit we perform a test of the hypothesis that stasis is the result of stabilizing selection and genetic drift around an optimal phenotype. It doesn’t seem to be. Open Access
  • How many dinosaurs species were there? Fossil bias and true richness estimated using a Poisson sampling model (TRiPS) Starrfelt & Liow in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B. Open Access. You can also check out all the data and code needed to reproduce the analysis and figures from the paper at Dryad
  • Do higher data frequency and automated Bayesian techniques lead to better model calibration? Insights from an application of INCA-P, a process-based river phosphorus model. Accepted for publication in Journal of Hydrology. With Leah Jackson-Blake.
  • Elevated mobility of persistent organic pollutants in the soil of a tropical rainforest. Environmental Science & Technology 2015. Together with a bunch of other people.
  • Simulating the uncertain effect of active carbon capping of a dioxin polluted Norwegian fjord. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 2015. With Tuomo Saloranta at NVE. pdf
  • Uncertainties in assessing the environmental impact of amine emissions from a CO2 capture plant. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2014. With a range of other environmental chemistry people. pdf
  • Bayesian uncertainty assessment of a semi-distributed integrated catchment model of phosphorus transport. In Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2014. Starrfelt & Kaste. pdf
  • Modelling phosphorus loading and algal blooms in a Nordic agricultural catchment-lake system under changing land-use and climate. In Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2014. Couture, Tominaga, Starrfelt, Moe, Kaste and Wright. pdf
  • Estimating Trophic Levels and Trophic Magnification Factors Using Bayesian Inference. In Environmental Science & Technology 2013. Starrfelt, Borgå, Ruus & Fjeld. pdf
  • The theory of dispersal under multiple influences. Book chapter in Dispersal Ecology and Evolution (eds. Clobert, Baguette, Benton and Bullock). Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Bet-hedging – a triple trade-off between means, variances and correlations. In Biological Reviews 2012. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Mate-limitation causes sexes to coevolve towards more similar dispersal kernels. In Oikos 2011. Meier, Starrfelt & Kokko. pdf
  • Intragenomic bet-hedging. In Genetica 2011. Only me. Will you be the first to cite this? pdf
  • Parent-Offspring Conflict and the Evolution of Dispersal Distance. In American Naturalist 2010. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Are the speeds of species invasion regulated? The importance of null models. In Oikos 2008. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf


  • Models of Dispersal and Diversification – defended at University of Helsinki in 2011. The introduction is a overview on the use of models in ecology and evolution.pdf
  • Red Queen evolution driven by asymmetric competition. Cand.scient (MSc) from 2006. Adaptive Dynamics models of competition and how asymmetry in the interactions can yield perpetual evolutionary change!