Here’s a list of my publications. You could also check out my Google Scholar site.


  • Do higher data frequency and automated Bayesian techniques lead to better model calibration? Insights from an application of INCA-P, a process-based river phosphorus model. Accepted for publication in Journal of Hydrology. With Leah Jackson-Blake.
  • Elevated mobility of persistent organic pollutants in the soil of a tropical rainforest. Environmental Science & Technology 2015. Together with a bunch of other people.
  • Simulating the uncertain effect of active carbon capping of a dioxin polluted Norwegian fjord. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 2015. With Tuomo Saloranta at NVE. pdf
  • Uncertainties in assessing the environmental impact of amine emissions from a CO2 capture plant. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2014. With a range of other environmental chemistry people. pdf
  • Bayesian uncertainty assessment of a semi-distributed integrated catchment model of phosphorus transport. In Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2014. Starrfelt & Kaste. pdf
  • Modelling phosphorus loading and algal blooms in a Nordic agricultural catchment-lake system under changing land-use and climate. In Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2014. Couture, Tominaga, Starrfelt, Moe, Kaste and Wright. pdf
  • Estimating Trophic Levels and Trophic Magnification Factors Using Bayesian Inference. In Environmental Science & Technology 2013. Starrfelt, Borgå, Ruus & Fjeld. pdf
  • The theory of dispersal under multiple influences. Book chapter in Dispersal Ecology and Evolution (eds. Clobert, Baguette, Benton and Bullock). Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Bet-hedging – a triple trade-off between means, variances and correlations. In Biological Reviews 2012. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Mate-limitation causes sexes to coevolve towards more similar dispersal kernels. In Oikos 2011. Meier, Starrfelt & Kokko. pdf
  • Intragenomic bet-hedging. In Genetica 2011. Only me. Will you be the first to cite this? pdf
  • Parent-Offspring Conflict and the Evolution of Dispersal Distance. In American Naturalist 2010. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf
  • Are the speeds of species invasion regulated? The importance of null models. In Oikos 2008. Starrfelt and Kokko. pdf


  • Models of Dispersal and Diversification – defended at University of Helsinki in 2011. The introduction is a overview on the use of models in ecology and evolution.pdf
  • Red Queen evolution driven by asymmetric competition. Cand.scient (MSc) from 2006. Adaptive Dynamics models of competition and how asymmetry in the interactions can yield perpetual evolutionary change!